Anonymous asked: what if I love you?

Oh this is a strange one!!

I can only advise you by telling you what I do when I think I am in love with someone which is to push it to the part of my mind that is filled with all the things I don’t want to think about like that time I got stuck in a top floor window and had to be rescued by people from the street with ladders whilst wearing only my underpants (!!!!!) or the day before yesterday when I drove my car into a pole because I passed someone cute on the street. Then try not to think about your feelings ever ever ever until maybe they go away

That is the way I deal with crushing on people but if you are perhaps not as awkward as me and you look like you could maybe have been in baywatch you should probably just hmu duh!!!!!

Anonymous asked: What point and shoot do you use? Also what kind of film do you prefer?

Hello you have been very direct with these two questions I almost didn’t answer this until I remembered that I now have a fun link on my blog to all the bad advice I have ever given to people on the internet (fun for me probably not for anyone else)

The point and shoot that I use is a Contax T2 and let me tell you it is GREAT if you are as accident-prone as I am because it is made of titanium! I would recommend it but it is also one of the more expensive point and shoots. The T2 lets you control the aperture and there is the option to manually focus too which I have never needed but is quite neat. I like a lot of the photos I have taken with a some standard charity shop cameras so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had a Yashica T4 and it was very disappointing. 

I am going to reveal myself to be a terrible photographer right now because I don’t pay enough attention to care about what film I use. I have used film that I bought in bulk for 30p a roll and film from poundland and I have used expensive film and I honestly still struggle to tell the difference once the images have been properly scanned. When I went on my last trip I mostly used Fuji Superia 200 which was quite nice but maybe not as warm as the Poundland film which I think is called Agfa Vista Plus. Talking about film is a bit boring

Some more photographs that were accidents but that are also a bit mysterious

A picture taken in the Dolomites National Park that came out looking a bit ~mysterious~ 

Anonymous asked: What lens do you use/ recommend?

I mostly use a point and shoot, and have developed a foolproof method to decide if I am going to buy a camera or not. As long as the lens is wide enough for you to be able to take pictures of your own hand but narrow enough so that the aforementioned hand doesn’t resemble an inflated rubber glove I think you’re onto a winner.

If you are ~blessed~ enough to have some hot friends and the confidence to shoot them I suggest using something close to a 50mm.

(Might start a twitter account that gives out really really bad photography advice on an hourly basis)

Jardins Botanique, Geneva (taken whilst someone was breaking into our car)

Some photographs of Grindelwald (the Swiss town not the Harry Potter character)

The result of a gloomy day and a vibrant shower curtain, something I would quite like to call a kitchen vacation.

Magnolia In the walled garden


Some iPhone pics of my favourite kind of shrub

The Julian Alps 

David from both sides of the same mountain in Austria

David from both sides of the same mountain in Austria

~from Austria~

~from Austria~

They are showing a lot of old documentaries on BBC 4 at the moment and whilst most of the content is laughably inaccurate they are quite aesthetically pleasing!

today was a good day to have an iPhone